Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding in Hawaii

Often people will ask me if I will paint from photos. This painting was done for an anniversary gift. The couple was married in Hawaii ten years ago.

She wanted to give a very special gift to her husband for their anniversary.

She gave me about 12 photos taken where they got married at sunset.

I studied the pictures for a long time, and put the scene together as I imagined it might have been, had I been there.

She is thrilled with the painting, and can't wait for their anniversary to give it to her husband.

This is from the email she sent:
"Hi Karen!

I can't even come up with the proper words to tell you how much I love the painting that you did for our upcoming 10yr anniversary! I'm so excited to give it to Mark. I drove home after meeting you just thinking how incredibly blessed that I am!

Thank you so much again! I love it!!!!"

And I am thrilled that she is thrilled!


Marilena Chroni said...

fantastic work!!!

Karen Wall Garrison said...

Thank you so much Marilena!

Helen Malingo said...

First of all, I have never seen anything so beautiful and creative. I especially love your mural labeled
'Long Beach/Taste of the Coast.' I really enjoy the colors you use because they seem to draw me in and give me a happy feeling.
Thank you for sharing and if I would like a painting for my best friend's wedding, is there a way to get in direct contact with you?

Karen Wall Garrison said...

Thank you so much, Helen! Your comments just made my day! I'd love to talk with you about your friend's wedding. You may reach my cell at: 714-280-5939 or email me at: kwallgarrison@hotmail.com
My website is:
I look forward to chatting!