Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Weddings in Dallas, TX and Carpinteria, CA

Among the places I painted this summer; were weddings at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas, Texas; and on the beach in Carpinteria, California.

The Ritz Carlton provided an exquisite venue for a wedding, a beautifully decorated ballroom bathed in pink light.

The stage included a large band, and a string quartet to serenade the newlyweds during their the first dance, all of which appeared silhouetted against the dramatic lighting.

Fabulous foral and crystal chandelier centerpieces adorned the tables.

It was a stunning scene, all the planning in place providing a most elegant celebration!

I always try to capture the best pose possible for the painting. A beautiful pair, don't you think?
For more information on the Ritz Carlton in Dallas:
West Coast wedding ceremony on the beach in Carpinteria, California!