Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding in Hawaii

Often people will ask me if I will paint from photos. This painting was done for an anniversary gift. The couple was married in Hawaii ten years ago.

She wanted to give a very special gift to her husband for their anniversary.

She gave me about 12 photos taken where they got married at sunset.

I studied the pictures for a long time, and put the scene together as I imagined it might have been, had I been there.

She is thrilled with the painting, and can't wait for their anniversary to give it to her husband.

This is from the email she sent:
"Hi Karen!

I can't even come up with the proper words to tell you how much I love the painting that you did for our upcoming 10yr anniversary! I'm so excited to give it to Mark. I drove home after meeting you just thinking how incredibly blessed that I am!

Thank you so much again! I love it!!!!"

And I am thrilled that she is thrilled!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Live Event Wedding Paintings

This was painted at the beautiful Westlake Seasons Hotel, in Westlake Village last month.

I was captivated by the romantic choreography of the first dance.

Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains was the setting for this wedding painting.

The incredible blues in the sky and water were perfectly complimented by the bright pink accents.

The palatial grandness of the ballroom at the Glendale Palladio gave a royal quality to this dance scene.

The swirling fog added to the mystic of the moment. The bride and groom were joined by three other couples during their first dance, as shown in the painting.

I love working as a live event artist!

For information on any of the venues:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding on the Beach

A beautiful wedding on the beach in Carpinteria, CA was the subject of this live event painting.

When I arrived the chairs and minimal decorations were being set up.

Here is a closeup of the driftwood aisle decorations.

Soon the guests began to arrive and take their seats. It was a gorgeous day!

This shows the painting in progress. It was a large crowd. I had a long way to go!

The important moment for me to capture finally came-- the bride and groom exchanging their vows.

They were a lovely couple!

I finished the painting during the reception. It was a perfect summer wedding!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Weddings in Dallas, TX and Carpinteria, CA

Among the places I painted this summer; were weddings at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas, Texas; and on the beach in Carpinteria, California.

The Ritz Carlton provided an exquisite venue for a wedding, a beautifully decorated ballroom bathed in pink light.

The stage included a large band, and a string quartet to serenade the newlyweds during their the first dance, all of which appeared silhouetted against the dramatic lighting.

Fabulous foral and crystal chandelier centerpieces adorned the tables.

It was a stunning scene, all the planning in place providing a most elegant celebration!

I always try to capture the best pose possible for the painting. A beautiful pair, don't you think?
For more information on the Ritz Carlton in Dallas:
West Coast wedding ceremony on the beach in Carpinteria, California!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Backyard Wedding in Corona, CA

I painted a beautiful wedding reception in a sprawling, lushly landscaped yard in Corona. The blues and greens were a delight to my eye, and a perfect compliment to the brick red fence surrounding the property.

As a live event painter, my first task was to quickly establish the background, leaving room in the foreground for the bride and groom to be painted during their first dance.

The wedding took place on what would later become the dance floor. Navy blue cloth-covered tables on my right, a pool in the distance, and a pond to the left, reflected the gorgeous azure sky.

I nearly lost it (emotionally) upon seeing the groom in his military dress blues, as my own Marine son's wedding is coming up in just a few weeks. One of the guests made a special toast, giving thanks for his service to our country. Oh, be still, my heart!

I enjoyed adding the bride and groom, her parents and their guests, especially the children. The kids were very interested in watching me paint, and I delighted in their excitement and curiosity. The pink flowers and accents, and the colorful clothing, really added to the life of the painting.

Once the painting was finished, the kids had fun looking for themselves in the picture.
It gives me great joy to paint such a special day, creating an everlasting memory on canvas. The bride and groom were very happy, and that made my day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

20th Anniversary Party at Khoury's in Long Beach, California

I was delighted to paint a 20th wedding anniversary party held in the lovely Khoury's restaurant in Long Beach, CA, overlooking the Alamitos Bay. It was a beautiful day for a party!

Here is my set up with a blank canvas, in a nice corner of the room. I have a lovely view of the room and the bay.

My job begins about an hour and a half before the guests arrive and the festivities begin.

Aren't they a cute couple?

This is how far I had gotten on the painting before the first guests arrived. You can see them seated in the first booth on the right.

This is my view looking out the window to my left.

The guests of honor arrive!

And the pary is fully underway.

I continue to paint, adding the people as they arrive and take their seats. I love the subjects in the foreground-- the captain's cap is perfect for the setting! I don't plan these things, they just happen.

The table immediately to my left quickly filled with flowers and made a very nice, colorful addition to the painting.

Here I am, hard at work. The clock is ticking...

And, voila! The canvas is complete! The bride and groom were very pleased. This was a surprise gift for Mrs. Sullivan from her husband. Her response nearly made me cry. Oh! How I love my job!
For more information on Khoury's (where my brother had his beautiful wedding):

Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio

I had the distinct honor of painting a lovely reception held in the Old Historic Courthouse in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The interior was like a museum, with exquisite marble pillars, marble walls, carved marble mouldings, and a ceiling that took my breath away!

Here is where I was stationed to capture the wedding dance on canvas.

And this was my view. I couldn't wait for the festivities to begin!

This shows another view from my vantage point, slightly to the right. You can see how an artist would be overjoyed at the prospect of making a painting with such wonderful architectural details!

By the time the guests arrived, I had "mapped out" the composition and background of the painting. Soon the wedding party arrived and the reception was in full swing.

The first dance wasn't scheduled until after dinner was served, so I asked the bride and groom to pose for me.

But, I'm glad I waited to see them actually dancing their first dance-- notice the changes; the groom took off his jacket, and the bride's train was tucked up; making for a completely different look on the dance floor.

Here the painting is almost finished as the clock is ticking...

And this is why I do this-- I just love to see the reaction! If I can spend the rest of my life creating paintings that bring people so much joy, and to memorialize the most important day of their lives-- then I am living an artist's dream!

For more information on the Old Courthouse: