Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crystal Point Yacht Club

I had the pleasure of painting at Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. It overlooked the boats and water and the wedding decorations had a seashore theme. The bride wanted me to especially capture the sweeping view out the windows.

The cake was decorated with seahorses and shells made of icing. You can see the view of the harbor behind the cake.

They even had a lobster trap on the gift table, complete with bride & groom lobsters!

Here is the couple during their wedding dance.

Here is a cropped detail of the painting.

This is what the bride had to say,"Just want to thank you again. The painting is beautiful...whenever I look at it I'm instantly brought back to the reception. I enjoyed my wedding day very much and having your painting here helps me vividly replay the memories of the greatest day of my life.."

For more information on this beautiful location:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Backyard Wedding in Anaheim

I recently did a live event painting at a wedding reception held in a lovely backyard in Anaheim, California.

I was commissioned by this family (that's my sister on the far right, two of her sisters-in-law, her husband in the middle, and her two daughters on the far left). The painting was a surprise gift for the bride and the groom, who is my sister's nephew.

You can see them pictured in the painting, along with other people who are important to the bride and groom.

Here is the beautiful couple during their wedding dance.

This detail shows the couple surrounded by the wedding party, family and friends.

And here I am with the happy groom-- the recipiant of the surprise gift. This was a family home. The groom grew up playing in the yard and was very happy I included key details (the fountain, the big tree, the butterfly, etc.). I don't plan these things, I just let go and trust my instincts. Of course, I'm always happy to have people point things out to me, too!