Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wedding at Seasons, Washington Twp, NJ

I had the distinct pleasure of painting a beautiful wedding at Season's, an upscale catering facility in Washington Township, New Jersey. The bride specifically wanted me to capture the dramatic windows, floral centerpieces, styling of the chairs, and of course-- their first dance!

The beautiful drapery was on the opposite side of the room from me, but was reflective of the grandeur and I knew would it make the best background for their painting, and really capture the essence of the ballroom.

I began with my underpainting "sketch" to layout the composition. People always ask me if I start with a pencil. No, but I "draw" with paint.

I loved the gesture of the bride holding her train, as her groom twirled her on the dancefloor.

The first dance quickly became the "family & wedding party" dance in one fell swoop. With the important people surrounding them, it seemed fitting to include them, although it was not requested.

There was also a magnificant waterfall along the entire length of the ballroom, in front of which I had seen pictures taken of the wedding party. I felt this would be a nice, subtle feature in the painting. That's what you see out the window of this cropped detail of the painting. The bride and groom loved it, and I really enjoyed creating this painting!

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