Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio

I had the distinct honor of painting a lovely reception held in the Old Historic Courthouse in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The interior was like a museum, with exquisite marble pillars, marble walls, carved marble mouldings, and a ceiling that took my breath away!

Here is where I was stationed to capture the wedding dance on canvas.

And this was my view. I couldn't wait for the festivities to begin!

This shows another view from my vantage point, slightly to the right. You can see how an artist would be overjoyed at the prospect of making a painting with such wonderful architectural details!

By the time the guests arrived, I had "mapped out" the composition and background of the painting. Soon the wedding party arrived and the reception was in full swing.

The first dance wasn't scheduled until after dinner was served, so I asked the bride and groom to pose for me.

But, I'm glad I waited to see them actually dancing their first dance-- notice the changes; the groom took off his jacket, and the bride's train was tucked up; making for a completely different look on the dance floor.

Here the painting is almost finished as the clock is ticking...

And this is why I do this-- I just love to see the reaction! If I can spend the rest of my life creating paintings that bring people so much joy, and to memorialize the most important day of their lives-- then I am living an artist's dream!

For more information on the Old Courthouse:


heidzilla said...

the painting turned out awesome. i took some photos of tara's friends and family loving it at the next day brunch as well! great job karen.

Karen Wall Garrison said...

Thanks, Heidi! I'd love to see some of those photos! You were great to work with!

AmyJean said...

This is amazing. I can not wait for you to do our wedding :)

MLewis said...

This is gorgeous! I like seeing the reactions too, we don't usually get that aspect of it on your blog. Are you painting your son's wedding????

Karen Wall Garrison said...

Thank you for your kind comments. No, Mary-- I will be a guest at my son's wedding. It is quite difficult to paint with tears in my eyes!