Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alpine Country Club, Demarest, NJ

I painted a very colorful wedding reception at the historic Alpine Country Club in Demarest, New Jersey. When I arrived at JFK the afternoon of the wedding it was pouring down rain. Thank goodness this was not an outdoor wedding!

The groom hired me to capture the reception for his wedding gift to his bride. And it was a surprise! She had given him a painting by NY artist named Peter Zonis:, and he asked me if I could do something really "pop art" in a similar, more animated style. He also commented that his favorite wedding painting of mine was "Sunset Wedding Studio" because of the exaggerated proportions, really bright colors, black outlined elements, etc.

And the ballroom at Alpine Country Club was indeed colorful! Bright yellow, and lavendar lights literally painted a wash of color on the walls. The draperies shown as golden-orange. The golf course greenery and turquoise blue fountain outside the window was a wonderful complimentary backdrop; and floral arrangements of fuschia, purples, blues, pinks and greens; gave me the ideal palette to work with!

The cake had a wonderful "quilted" texture in the icing, was decorated with flowers and surrounded by candles, sitting on a beaded tablecloth. The cane-back chairs were metallic gold.

When I asked the groom for the details that were important for me to include in his painting, he specifically mentioned the decorative elements in the room; the fireplace, French doors, draped windows; and of course, the wedding dance as the focal point. He really wanted something bright, colorful and lively to compliment the Peter Zonis piece. And then he said, "For the rest-- use your imagination." I love a challenge!

I began the underpainting "sketch" about an hour and a half before the guests entered the ballroom, laying down the basic room composition. Before long, the show began and the bride and groom were on the dance floor.

The groom came over to show his wife her wedding gift, and then suggested that I also capture both their parents. I threw in Grandma and Grandpa as a surprise from me!

Here are the mothers of the newlyweds looking at the finished painting. They both thanked me with tears in their eyes for making their son and daughter so happy.

Here is the beautiful bride. Can't beat a smile like that! Oh, how I love my job!
I flew directly home after the reception ended, without passing "GO" (but I collected more than $200!), and arrived home in time to spend the entire day with my dad, husband, son, daughter and daughter-in-law for Father's Day brunch. The East Coast-West Coast time change always works in my favor!
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