Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laguna Beach Diver's Cove Wedding

I recently painted a sunset wedding at a very beautiful location in Laguna Beach, California called Diver's Cove. Despite a few cold and drizzly days that week, the weather cleared up and was nearly perfect!

I arrived a few hours before the start of the ceremony to begin the scenery. The lifeguard stand "marked the spot" for a small, intimate wedding soon to take place.

The bride and groom love the ocean and wanted me to capture the expanse of the setting. Here is my view looking south. She specifically requested that I get the palm trees at the top of the bluff.

About an hour before the wedding was to start, the alter and decorations showed up in my field of vision. The boxes contained flower petals which were to be strewn on the sand, to create an aisle. Her colors were of the glorious sunset skies that Southern California beaches are well-known for.

The first "figure" to enter the picture was the guitarist.

Finally, people gathered and the big moment arrived! The flower girl, maid of honor and bride came down the stairs leading to the sand, kicked off their shoes and proceeded down the aisle.

I put down my brushes and picked up my camera. Knowing the light would be gone soon, I took pictures to work from later. The crowd was invited to gather 'round.

Although the standing guests obscured my view, I was able to capture some good shots as the ceremony took place. I loved the simple elegance, bright colors, and breezy freshness of this beach wedding!

The bride held her bouquet the entire time, full of fragrant, tropical flowers. Gentle waves lapping nearly at their feet, made such a beautiful backdrop for the exchange of vows.

Here is my view from behind my easel just after the ceremony ended.

This is what I accomplished on the canvas up to the ceremony. I "marked" where the wedding itself should be positioned, and then finished the painting back at my studio.

This is a detail of the finished painting. Although the Spirit in the Sky did not deliver the explosive sunset we were all hoping for, I added a subtle glow to illuminate and emphasize the bride and groom and touches of sparkling reflections on the water in the distance.

When I delivered the painting to the newlyweds, they both had the most awesome reaction and it just made my day! Oh, how I love my job!

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Anonymous said...


What a beautiful painting you created for Rollin and I. It is a one-of-a-kind and unique gift that we gave each other on our wedding day. It is definitely a gorgeous recreation of our day, guests, and scenic Laguna Beach; this is something that we will always treasure. Thank you again for being there on our special day. You are very much a professional that captured that special moment in time; again thank you so very much Karen.

Shelly and Rollin K.
Laguna Beach, CA