Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pencil Drawing Practice

One of my favorite things is the pink flamingo. This image was a weekly drawing exercise on Wet Canvas (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/ ). It took me forever to do it, being busy with so many other things. Carrying a sketchbook is a really good habit for an artist who wants to constantly improve.

Even mundane, everyday objects have interesting shapes, lines, shadows, highlights and characteristics which are important to observe while making a realistic drawing. I usually print out the image and tuck it into my sketchbook for when I'm stuck waiting-- I can use my time wisely and work, work, work!

This was a quick sketch, and I was more interested in capturing this old guy's sad expression than every hair and wrinkle.

And here I combined two weeks worth of assignments (the front porch and the eye). I thought it would be kind of creepy and surrealistic to make the eye a "window" into/out of the "soul" of the house... ok-- a bit too over the top? That's the fun of drawing!

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