Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Self-Portrait a la Vincent #3

Here is the third attempt at a self-portrait in the style of (one of) van Gogh's self-portraits. This one I painted using acrylics, which I found difficult now that I have been working so much in oils.
I used this one of Vincent's paintings for my reference. And here is mine:

The comment I received was that it was nice to see me paint myself with "kinder eyes." I don't mean to paint angry or unwelcoming expressions. It's just that Vincent had an intense look, and I am challenging myself to capture the feel of his work in my own.
I would just call them "less intense." A softer expression, like Vincent's own portrait, which has a very "Rembrant" feel to it.

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Bob said...

Looks like you capture that kinder look. FYI - I'm adding you to my directory per your recent e-mail.