Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grand Prix Poster Idea

I was approached by a member of The Grand Prix organization to submit an idea for this year's Grand Prix poster. They usually use an artist who does lots of racing paintings. I figured, why not? I'll give it a try. This year is the Grand Prix's 35th Anniversary. There is no pay for the project, but instead a booth is offered at the Grand Prix exhibit hall, and of course-- really great exposure.

I submitted two rough sketches; acrylic paintings on black presentation board. I've always wanted to paint on a black surface and this seemed fitting for the subject matter.

Unfortunately, another artist was chosen to create this year's poster, but I had fun with this design!


José said...

Hi Karen,

The first one has lots of movement and a good perspective.
I also like its composition.
Some time ago I saw some amazing works of an italian artist, related to the same subject, but lost the link and sure cannot remember his name. He's an elder person.

Take care,


Kris said...

I was at Laura and Mike's wedding last night and was enthralled with the painted scene of their reception you were doing! I am the one who took pictures of your work, and the person who did the cake. My daughter Erika is Laura's best friend. I can't wait to call you and have you do a painting for some special occasion for us. I am thinking my daughter Erika's wedding. You do beautiful work. I love the race cars you did in this most recent post!

Karen Wall Garrison said...

Thank you Jose and Kris for your kind comments. I alway appreciate feedback! Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!