Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Backyard Wedding in Corona, CA

I painted a beautiful wedding reception in a sprawling, lushly landscaped yard in Corona. The blues and greens were a delight to my eye, and a perfect compliment to the brick red fence surrounding the property.

As a live event painter, my first task was to quickly establish the background, leaving room in the foreground for the bride and groom to be painted during their first dance.

The wedding took place on what would later become the dance floor. Navy blue cloth-covered tables on my right, a pool in the distance, and a pond to the left, reflected the gorgeous azure sky.

I nearly lost it (emotionally) upon seeing the groom in his military dress blues, as my own Marine son's wedding is coming up in just a few weeks. One of the guests made a special toast, giving thanks for his service to our country. Oh, be still, my heart!

I enjoyed adding the bride and groom, her parents and their guests, especially the children. The kids were very interested in watching me paint, and I delighted in their excitement and curiosity. The pink flowers and accents, and the colorful clothing, really added to the life of the painting.

Once the painting was finished, the kids had fun looking for themselves in the picture.
It gives me great joy to paint such a special day, creating an everlasting memory on canvas. The bride and groom were very happy, and that made my day!


Kris said...

Oh Karen,
I LOVE this painting!!! We all enjoyed my niece's wedding last Saturday! Your art added so much to this special day!
I am anxiuos to get with you on my daughter's June 19 wedding.
Love your blog! And best wishes on your son's upcoming wedding!

Sean said...

Karen, we could have not been more pleased with the painting. We had it shipped to us a few days ago from CA and are anxiously awaiting its arrival to us in WA. We absolutely can not wait to hang it up in our home and be a daily reminder to us of our special day. Thank you for so kindly doing a Fabulous job on it!!!!!! We thank your son for his sacrifice to our country as a very brave Marine!!!
Katie & Sean

Karen Wall Garrison said...

Thank you, Kris for your comments, and for your comments Katie & Sean, and for serving our country and the honor of painting your wedding. The day holds special memories for me as my son's wedding was just weeks away, in his dress blues. I hope all is well with you and your family.