Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taste of the Coast

Last Sunday was the first annual Taste of the Coast, a charity event held on the Belmont Pier to raise money for Kid's Connection:
Children Today was the chosen recipient for the proceeds. I was asked to paint the festivities which comprised more than 30 restaurants offering up delicious food, live music, a bounce house and auction items.

My challenge was painting such a long stretch of an event. I surveyed the area and made several compositional sketches to determine the best "view" for the painting.

Not this one...

or this.

Since the pier is "T" shaped, I positioned myself at one end of the "T" where I could see the band, the length of the pier with all the food tents...

and the bounce house in the sand, and the Long Beach city skyline in the distance.

Throughout the day, the crowd grew and grew! A few boats sailed by and birds flew overhead.

It made sense to me that they might act as carrier pigeons to deliver the banner overhead!

To my delight the painting was purchased, raising money for Children Today:

Thank you to all my friends who attended and helped make Taste of the Coast a success!!

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