Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dallas Arboretum Wedding

Last week I painted a wedding reception at the beautiful Dallas Arboretum. The reception was held in the Rosine Hall, and began just before sunset. Through the large floor-to-ceiling windows you could see the trees and blue sky Texas is famous for.

I began by composing the room and important features; the wedding cake, and (a Texas tradition), the groom's cake; fittingly a pair of cowboy boots!

Then I began adding the gorgeous floral centerpieces. There were several different types of arrangements, and candles everywhere!

The blinds were kept shut until the guests and wedding party arrived, while the room was being decorated to perfection in turquoise blue, lime green (in the fabrics) and shades of pinks and corals in the flowers-- predominately tulips-- which are a symbol of love. Cobalt blue light was cast on the walls.

This is the pose I used for the focal point of the painting; the Wedding Dance.

As requested by the couple, I painted members of the bride's family and groom's family surrounding them around the dance floor.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Dallas, and delighted in painting such a lovely wedding celebration!